An Ode to the Poem

An Ode to the Poem

A poetic forum has fallen upon us.
The past few classes,
Rhyme and meter dominate the evening.
Thought provoking & inspirational poems rule the roost.
Oh, the praises of the poetic art!
I attempt one now or rather an ode to the form.

Metaphors and similes seep into our minds.
Romantic poems cause us to fall in love.
Inspirational ones believe we can accomplish our dreams.
Thought provoking verses make us stop to think & question our beliefs.

A plethora of poems change our lives in many ways.
Poets Black and Wordsworth changed mine for the better!!
An appreciation for life & the beauty of nature.

Oh, to the form of the poem and their artists!!

– Kristina 11-21-2000

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