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Orange County, CA

Orange County By Kristina Stammen Orange County is the place to live. Rest your weary head on the sand And dream of burnt French Fries! Next, go to the mountains Get even more sunburned on the snowy slopes! Education plays an important role to us. Colleges and universities abound in O.C. Oceanography is among the many majors. Understanding English, written and oral, a Necessity to all. To pass, you must write complete sentences. Why (Y)? Success is measured by all […]

An Ode to the Poem

An Ode to the Poem A poetic forum has fallen upon us. The past few classes, Rhyme and meter dominate the evening. Thought provoking & inspirational poems rule the roost. Oh, the praises of the poetic art! I attempt one now or rather an ode to the form. Metaphors and similes seep into our minds. Romantic poems cause us to fall in love. Inspirational ones believe we can accomplish our dreams. Thought provoking verses make us stop to think & […]


The Ghosts of the Stratton House by Kristina Stammen White billowy clouds blanketed the sky with the sun giving off an aura of heaven. I tilt my face toward the sun and smile, my husband is at my side. We are walking with arms entwined in a beautiful rose garden when from nowhere a loud cannon shot is heard and I suddenly fall to the ground. When I woke up I found myself in a moving car. The person at […]

The Importance of Proofreading and Spell Checking

One of the biggest complaints reported by e-book readers is poor grammar usage.  Although the occasional mistake is understandable, some readers are often left wondering if their e-book author even read their own e-book.  Do not let yourself be one of those authors.  You need to thoroughly proofread and spell check your e-book before offering it for sale.   When it comes to proofreading, there are often two sets of writers.  Many automatically know the importance of proofreading and spell checking.  However, there are others who have […]