Experienced Managing Editor Specializing in
Online and Print Media Formats


Andra Group, Dallas, TX                                               August 2018 to May 2019

Content Writer

  • Write an average of 100 online, SEO-targeted product descriptions/week for women’s and men’s clothing.
  • Compose creative marketing lead-in paragraphs on sleepwear, t-shirts, women’s sportswear and men’s active wear.
  • Draft content for Calvin Klein, PJ Salvage and Kate Spade clothing for and
  • Create HTML code while writing bulleted list of highlighted features of clothing items.

The Creative Group, Dallas, TX                                        March  2018 to August 2018

Copywriter | Web Content Specialist | Proofreader

Proofreader with 3Headed Monster 8/2018 to August 2018

  • Proofread holiday advertisements for Nothing Bundt Cakes which are going out in fall 2018 for a marketing and advertising company in Dallas, Texas.
  • Update social media content calendars for September and October 20018. Copy-editing sentences for clarity and added appropriate hashtags for Instagram posts.
  • Make sure dates matched up to 2018 calendar for Social Media personnel to post content on Facebook and Instagram.

Proofreader with Girls Inc. 7/2018 to August 2018

  • Proofreading and rewriting an educational brochure for a nonprofit organization in Dallas, Texas.
  • Adhere to AP Style Guide on corrections to Girls Inc. brochure.
  • Writing and copy editing their Annual Report for September 2018.

Copywriter with BSN Sports 5/2018 
• Assist the Vice President of Creative Department, by revising and proofreading job descriptions for Human Resources.
• Copy-edit job descriptions across all levels and five categories in Creative department.

Web Content Specialist with At Your Service Catering
• Update content for At Your Service’s website:
• Consult staff on SEO purposes on website.
• Add Photo Gallery to website to expose customers what AYS does.
• Utilize WordPress CMS for all webpages.
• Consult staff on usage of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to bring across company’s message to the public.

ICON Information Consultants, Carrollton, TX               January 2018 to February  2018
Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist with Univeral Music Group and FirstCom Music
• Maintain Firstcom’s Facebook and Twitter pages by scheduling posts using Hootsuite.
• Compose blogs such as “Romantic Comedies We Love” on FirstCom Music’s blog for their website.
• Working knowledge of Instagram, Hootsuite, Twitter, YouTube and Google Analytics.
• Learning the entertainment industry and music industry by working in FirstCom Music’s marketing department.

UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX                              June 2016 to April 2017
Web Content Editor
• Proofread and copy edit content before going "live" on various webpages.
• Utilize company style guide and AP Style Guide.
• Create new webpages using Alfresco CMS.
• Create doctor and faculty microsite profiles for their website. Examples: Drs. Hans Hammers, Jacob Hunter and Vlad Zaha profiles.

HerRoom/HisRoom, Dallas, TX                          June 2014 to June 2016
Content Writer
Write an average of 100 online, SEO-targeted product descriptions/week for women’s and men’s clothing. 
• Compose creative marketing lead-in paragraphs on sleepwear, t-shirts, sportswear and men’s active wear.
Create HTML code while writing product descriptions.

Freeman+Leonard, Dallas, TX    March 2014 to June 2014
Copy Editor/Proofreader for Tracy Locke 5/2014 to 6/2014
• Proofread content for ads like 7-Eleven, Pizza Hut, Samsung and T-Mobile. 
Copywriter/Proofreader for Neiman Marcus Online 3/2014 to 5/2014 
Write women’s clothing SEO-targeted product descriptions for NMO utilizing FileMaker Pro.
• Write vendor bios such as Talbot Runof and Rachel Pally for the website. 
• Assist with the Chanel and David Yurman projects by proofreading and copy editing content before going online. 

Creative Circle, Dallas, TX    October 2013 to January 2014 
Digital Media Assistant for ScreenShot Digital/Gannett 10/2013 to 1/2014 
• Analyze the metrics of digital advertisements that are run on websites so that clients can see how well their online ad performed.
• Proofread campaign wrap-up reports which resulted in making the reports easier to read for the client. 
• Compile The Blacklist of domains/URLs so that these particular websites are not part of the campaign.
• Collect The Whitelist of domains/URLs which are acceptable for the campaign’s online ad run.
• Utilize DataXu and DFA to run reports on demographics of online audiences and study their metrics.
• Check websites for the pixel which is supposed to run for a particular client’s online ad.

The Creative Group, Dallas, TX  June 2013 to October 2013
Proofreader/Copy Editor for Southern Methodist University 9/2013 to 10/2013 
• Proofread and copy edit campus-wide brochures before being distributed on campus. 
• Edit short booklets before going into print for the campus.
• Worked well with the student interns and SMU staff.
Editorial Assistant for Boy Scouts of America 6/2013 
• Utilize AP Style Guide for the Boy Scouts publications.
• Copy edit and proofread the Merit Badge booklets before going to print, which resulted in clean copy for the booklets aimed for grade school kids.
• Assist the Managing Editor and Editor of the Communications department.  

Freelance Editor, Plano, TX  May 2013 to present
* Dastmalchi (marketing and advertising company in Santa Ana, CA): Assist with their website by copy editing and proofreading product instructions and rewriting company overview for their website. Write product descriptions for online use. Promote products on Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

ManpowerGroup, Mesquite, TX  January 2013 to April 2013
Web Content Editor for Sage Telecom (Marketing Department). 1/2013 to 2/2013 and 4/2013
• Transfer content from old website to new website using Django Content Management System.
• Create tables and forms using Django CMS, which resulted in excellent alignment of text and images.
• Resize images for use on web so that they are easier to load on websites.
• Write email blasts which were sent to Sage Telecom customers announcing new products.
• Proofread text before the content went “live” on the Internet.
• Perform quality assurance testing on the new website, making sure each link, navigational item and buttons on every page worked before they made the website active for all Sage Telecom customers.

Beckett Media LLC/Action Pursuit Group/ Y-Visionary Publishing, Yorba Linda, CA   July 2005 – February 2012 

Print/Online Media Managing Editor
* Set up social media accounts and maintained the daily activity for the following magazines: Victorian Homes, Muscle Car Power, Drag Racer and Drive. Our marketing strategy was to attract people to our Facebook pages and get them interested in the subject matter. As a result, the number of followers increased for the Facebook pages.
* Updated Facebook pages and auto websites with the current covers. The current images on the pages encouraged people/fans to “talk” about the upcoming issue and what they wanted to see in the magazine.
* Constructed WordPress blogs for magazines such as Knives Illustrated, Gun World and Crossbow Hunting.
* Submitted buyouts to accounting department.
* Corresponded with freelancers, editors and managing editors in regards to payments and editorial matters.
* Proofread copy before uploading to the internet such as WordPress and
* Wrote status updates and included links to magazines’ Facebook pages when necessary. This also influenced people to discuss about the posted subject matter.

Managing Editor/Production
* Monitored all magazines in their production cycle and informed all editorial staff to submit content on time. Improvement consisted of editorial staff turning in content on or before the deadline dates.
* Worked on buyouts for magazines and supplied to accounting department so freelancers could be paid.
* Revised and copy edited text for the following:, the Homes group SIPS: RH Bed and Baths and RH Kitchens and articles for the Beckett Guide to Phone Apps and Yum Food & Fun for Kids WordPress blogs.
* Utilized Photoshop to resize images for web use.
* Updated covers on Facebook pages and auto websites on Motortopia.
* Composed status updates and added links to magazines’ Facebook pages.
* Designed Facebook pages for the following magazines: Gun World, Bow & Arrow Hunting and Crossbow Hunting.

Managing Editor
* Handled three magazines: Ultimate MMA, Inside Kung-Fu and Action Pursuit Games.
* Worked on SIPs: Fit & Famous, Top 50 Fighters, Girls of MMA and APG 2010 Buyer's Guide.
* Proofread and copy edited layouts in Quark.
* Contributed to the Facebook pages and websites for Ultimate MMA, Inside Kung-Fu and Action Pursuit Games.
* Compiled buyouts and submitted to accounting department so freelancers could get paid.
* Collaborated with other Managing Editors and created our “in-house” style guide for all our editors.
* Helped other Managing Editors on titles such as Drive, Street Trucks and Diesel World.
* Promoted to Managing Editor/Production in August 2010. Worked as ME and new position at the same time until October 2010 when a new person came on board to replace my managing editor position.

Production Coordinator
* Worked on titles: Ultimate MMA, Inside Kung-Fu, Diesel World, Drifting, Import Racer, Off-Road Enthusiast, Drive, and Shelter Group (Cottages & Bungalows, Victorian Homes, and Romantic Homes).
* Dummied or mapped magazine layout in Excel with edit and ad placements.
* Proofread ads for misspelled words and made sure ad artwork were the correct size.
* Achievement: wrote article "Give An Old Door a New Dimension and Take Windows To Wow for Romantic Homes magazine, which was published in the June 2009 issue.
* Promoted to Managing Editor in January 2009.


California Rifle and Pistol Association, Fullerton, CA   March 2004 – June 2005
Publication Specialist

* Edited and proofread stories for the monthly 24-page newsletter The Firing Line and also the entire issue before going to the printer.
* Determined which "features" and stories were published for each month.
* Wrote lead-ins/introductions for the main story.
* Delegated assignments to coworkers.
* Touched up artwork and photos in Photoshop 7, which resulted in the images being clean and crisp instead of blurry.
* Designed pages of newsletter in Quark Xpress and the front covers for each month’s newsletter. 
* One day seminars taken: "Proofreading and Mistake Free Grammar" and "Designing Eye-Catching Newsletters, Brochures, Ads, and Reports".
* Achievements: Designed a new cover for the Gun Law book, new cover and pages for the Voter’s Guide booklet.



Bachelor of Arts in English – June 1995
California State University, Fullerton – Fullerton, CA



Computer- Windows 98', Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Photoshop, Quark Xpress 7, Word and Excel.
Website creation: Alfresco, WordPress
WordPress Blogs
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube
Google Analytics
Oral and written communications
Proofreading, copy editing

AP Style
Creative writing
Detail oriented and organizational skills
Work well with deadlines



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